Digital Marketing in E-commerce business

We can see that many businessmen want to take their business online. Be it any kind of product or service they are selling, they want to make an online presence as that is what the trend is. We can see that we can order almost any product at our doorstep. The online shopping for any product has become a reality because of the e-commerce solution. Building an e-commerce website is no big they are many standard tools and platforms which help to make a website go live in just a matter of a few days or weeks. The next step after getting a business online is to make it bring customers, orders, and profits to you.
Here are a few digital marketing steps which could help boost your business and profits.


Search engine optimization is the key step in digital marketing. SEO in itself is a huge effort in digital marketing. There are a number of tasks performed by an SEO analyst on your website. The SEO analyst recommends the necessary change that needs to be done on the website keeping in mind the technical requirements and also the content requirements. SEO activities primarily help you in getting traffic to your website and will help you get listed at the top of search engine result page.

Content Marketing 

Content is the one that keeps the customer engaged and hooked up to the website. It is always necessary to have an effective and high-quality content in the website. To make the content work for you could you try different tactics, like include catchy titles and headlines, include great images and informative videos, blogs, newsletters etc. Provide as many details and as much of information as you can in the content. This is the main mode of communicating with the customers for your business.. so we need to make the content very useful and effective for the customer.
If your website is ranked at 1 in the search result page, but the website does not provide enough details and help the customer in the purchase, the customer for sure will move on to another site looking of his needs. So lay out a good website, with great content and great user experience.

Social Media Marketing

This is one of the powerful tools in digital marketing. This is the easiest way to connect to a huge number of audiences for your business you could turn into prospects and customers. Social media is also one of the methods to generate traffic to the website. Social Media Marketing manager run campaigns on the various sites to promote the business and increase visibility. These platforms bring in a lot of conversions and business; hence every business needs to have a strong social media marketing plan. You could probably focus more on a few social sites based on the business type. For eg – if you are in a photography business – then probably the focus needs to be more on social sites like Printest. So, based on the business type and need to plan out a strong social media marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

This is one of them. Though it’s been around for long, the look and feel of this method have a new touch. There are tools and templates using which you can design very beautiful, unique and attractive emails. Good content along with images have a huge impact on customers. You can segment your email list and provide personalized information which is a great technique to adopt. Emails are also one of the ways where you can be in touch with customers at regular intervals. Users who subscribe to your newsletters will receive timely updates which help in customer engagements. There are various tools that can track and report how your emails are performing. Based on that analytics you could always take steps to improvise your email marketing strategy.

PPC marketing

PPC marketing strategy is a combination of Keyword, Ad and landing page. You first need to the appropriate keyword for your business, prepare an ad accordingly and then ensure that, someone who clicks on the ad is taken to the landing page. If anything in this breaks… then PPC is not successful. We also need to ensure that the page, the customer is taken to on clicking the ad, has all the details that he is looking to make the purchase. You should ensure that the customer has the option to make a purchase on that page. So, make the landing page very very relevant.

These are a few things that work to make an e-commerce business successful. Alongside, manage customers efficiently. You could tools do it if you have a huge customer base. You could customize tools according to your needs and feed the customer information. Tools are very useful in setting auto reminders for birthdays/ anniversary, manage customers likes, preferences and also use previous customer history relevantly. So, design a good user-friendly and quality e-commerce website, adopt the right strategies and tools and value your customer. All these work together to get you the success out of an online store.


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