Top SEO growth hacks

SEO growth hack

Is your SEO killing your patience? Yes, the trouble with SEO is its slow move in ranking your business. You might not have recourse for such slow and uncertain results. But that doesn’t mean you should forget SEO. A business website with good work in SEO means like a shop in a popular street where you will get traffic even without any promotion. So isn’t that important.

Now don’t worry about the painful SEO. There will be another door to success. Let’s try to open that. Well, there is certain SEO growth hacks to outrank your business among your competitors and dominate in SERP page.  We’ll find that out. First of all, what is a growth hack?

 “Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.” Wikipedia

I hope you got that meaning.

Top 7 SEO growth hacks

Make sure of the technical aspects of SEO

While planning for a good SEO, even if you have it well formulated, it will be incomplete if you don’t give enough focus on its technical part, which will prevent you from internet success.

Check for the robots.txt file and robots META tags. Both of these are used for restricting certain pages from being shown while google indexing. Sometimes webmaster tends to add relevant pages within this list. This results in not indexing and making those pages invisible to the audience. Similarly, your XML sitemap should be flawless. If these are not considered, it will push your page down in the SERP. This is where technical prowess comes in the picture.

Design your website in such a way that it is easily navigable for your customers and also for the search engine. It will give a good user experience to your audience.

Know about the customer journey

You can optimize your SEO according to the 4 stages of the customer journey- awareness, consideration, decision, and delight. For this, we should make sure that each piece of content in the website should be designed for the end users. The website should be responsive regardless of their device and should have a good landing page experience.

Think about keyword research

Create a unique content with the words that the customers are actually searching for, yes I meant the keyword here. And as always, Content is the king. So when people search for the product or service of your business your page should rank. For this, focus on the specific keywords to enhance your content and create it strategically. There are tools to help you find the high ranking keywords in your competition. So if you have a good content marketing strategy you will have a good position in the ranking.

Blog help in promotion

In a competitive world, where everyone has good content to compete with we need to focus on something more. This is where the blog stands. Create a rich blog with relevant and high-quality links.  It is one of the greatest ways to increase the conversion rate of your website. For this, our blog should be attractive and equally informative for other sites to pass their link to our site. This will increase traffic to our site and be having high-quality links will build trust in the audience. This will make google rank your page.

Input featured snippets

When a search query is made by the audience, our site with the rich answer (a brief answer to the query in the top of the results page) will be spotted invariably than other sites even if they outrank in position. And thus our site will have more traffic than the outranking sites. However Featured Snippets are algorithmic-ally decided. But still, we can take certain steps to get a featured snippet for our site.

Target the content on high ranking keywords.

Identify and input the real query terms and provide clear answers in short and simple language.

Give a continuous reader experience with a clear detailing of the answer. The reader should find the answer relevant to his question.

Give best in Meta title and Meta description

These are the first impression of your website. A customer should feel to click on the Meta title after reading it. The more attractive your site titles the more clicks you get. For this, make it persuasive and think from a customer point of view and bring in his emotions into it.

Believe in influencers

Getting an influencer to share your content means more traffic to your site. But it’s not just that. And influencers not just mean social media marketing. It can include newsletters and sites from influencers. Any piece of content shared by an influencer will get links faster from their followers. So, while thinking of SEO growth hacking, think of getting a good relationship with such influencers. Defiantly it is a lengthy process. You have to find a relevant influencer and keep engaging with them for a while and give them valuable resources to support them. Then ask them something in return when they can’t say a ‘no’.

SEO growth hack

When you are doing something in SEO and is looking out for good results, it means you should rank in the search engine results page. In this competitive world where people go behind the best within their convenient space and when they know more about digital marketing. So you have to be visible to them when they are actually searching for your product/service or else you are losing your customer. For this, simply waiting for your SEO won’t work, you have to go beyond the basic practices. Adopt these SEO growth hacking techniques to boost your business.

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