Top Strategies for content marketing

content is king

As always said, “content is the King” in digital marketing. There is a huge demand for content. Hence we need to follow consistency and identify the best practices that need to be kept in place for an individual business. Content marketing strategy is a must in order to increase traffic on search engines and also achieve business profits. Here are a few content marketing strategies that would help in achieving the business goals.

Optimize Landing pages to targeted Keywords

One of the steps of a content marketing strategy is to build many landing pages depending on the offerings of the business. Then identify keywords for each of the offerings or landing pages and build good content for each of the landing pages making use of the keywords. For eg, if you are a serviced based company offering a bunch of services, then you should have landing pages for each of them with appropriate usage of keywords for that service. These methods will definitely help in getting more traffic to the website.


Segmentation helps in giving a better user experience of the website to a customer. If your business if offering a wide range of products that cater to a number of customers of different age groups, economy levels, status, gender etc… then it is always suggested to segregate your products based on certain parameters at the time of the website design.
For eg – for an online fashion store, you should lists products based on gender, age, type of clothes. Themes etc.

Provide filters to refine the search is also a great idea for an online product business. Along with this, put in content relevant to each segment, this helps in user engagement.

Be more customer friendly

If you are looking at customer retention – then you need to know your audience well. In order to create good and engaging content – you need to know the customer needs. One of the ways of knows this is by performing keyword research. Go on to the net and see what buyers are searching and looking and try to know the trend. Make changes to the content in your online business based on the search trends, thus making an effective content marketing strategy.

Perform A/B testing

A/B testing is another Key strategy used in content marketing. Running A/B testing will tell you which headlines, call to action, videos, images, content work best for you. Based on you’re A/B testing result, you can refine the content of the website hence making your content marketing strategy work more effectively for  you.

Use of Images and Videos

One of the best ways to attract customer is to include high quality, colorful and relative images and videos. You could probably include demo videos of products lined in your business, 3D images etc. This not only attracts the customer but also helps in visualizing the products and making it easy in decision making. Along with images, provide clear and descriptive product details and information. The customer should be able to find all the details in one shot.. this helps in quick decision making for the purchase.

Create value based content

Your behavior is a reflection of the values you believe in. Similarly, business value is important to earn the customer’s trust. In an online business, though you cannot see your customers you could still earn customers trust by communicating your business values in the content where even possible. Show appreciation, gratitude, and customer value in the content. Try to incorporate emotional keywords as well. This helps you to connect with customers at a personal level. For Eg – Here are our 6 steps to hit your business goals. This not only catches the customer’s eyes but will also make him reach through your content.

Be Proactive –

If you want customers to stick on to your business for long, then provide the customer with beneficial information proactively. For Eg – if you are releasing a new product or planning a discount sale… let the customer know about this in advance. In case of a new product, give details about the product, the work, and the research that went in to build the product, your vision of launching the product etc. This buys in a lot of confidence from the customer. You could also make this as a tactic to increase referrals.. cause people generally like to share or tweet about any upcoming or new releases of a product etc.

Have your own Blog –

One of the strategies of digital marketing is social media marketing. You could use the social sites to get thousands of prospect and customers. It is said to be the best way to get connected customers across the globe. But, for all this, it is always good to have your own blog. This helps your build engagement with customers in your own space. You could put in a huge effort to run a social media campaign to get those thousands of likes and share on FB, twitter etc… but, you can invest the same efforts on maintaining your blogs as well. The customers who come to your blogs are the ones those stay long and should be valued more. Pay attention to the blog users as they could be the ones who build your email list.

create blog
Keep Evolving

You could probably be doing the best online business today in a given set of conditions, but there is no guarantee that things around you would not change. There are always new competitors who would try to out beat you. There are technical changes that happen. For eg – changes to the Google algorithm, there could be changes in government policies etc. You need have timely checks to see what is changing and make the required changes be it content or business model. You should always be ready to adapt to that changes keeping mind of the customer interest.

So, these are some of the methods that we could use in our content marketing strategy. There could be many more that we could find and plan to meet the needs of a business. But, end of the day what we need to focus on is ‘customer’. Know your customer and do what is required to meet their needs. Invest in knowing the customer and act according to it… this will take the business a long way.

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