Top tips to increase your site rank in SERP

Want to rank organically? That is what SEO does. But it is time-consuming and needs a lot of dedication and patience to reach the top of the search engine results page. Is there any magic button to do that easily, to rank in SERP?

Well to rank on the first page of the results page through organic method is really important because we can’t guarantee these continuous ranking positions through Paid ads for commercial success. For certain queries customer tends to have trust and confidence to click on organic ads more than paid ads, so let’s see how to increase your site rank in SERP. And it is not a magic anyway.

To begin with, optimize your website for the buyer. When the site is user-friendly with easy navigation and best user engaging factors a customer will be attracted to stay back with the site and even repeat their visits. By this way, you will be ranking in SERP. There are certain steps to help you achieve this.

A unique content with a buyer’s persona

Think about a buyer keyword and make use of that keyword phrase in your content. And don’t forget to highlight those keywords wherever possible. The content should be useful to the customer’s question. And impart helpful links and make the user spend time reading your content. And if it turns out to be highly useful to the customer, they will bookmark it for future reference, which will increase your page ranking. More the quantity and quality of the content higher will be your site position. Also, an updated content wins more market. And search engine looks into that too. So update your content regularly for the freshness of your site.

Use alt tags

Make use of keywords for all the images you use in the site. You can rank on the results page with image optimization technique by giving it keyword specific alt tags. This will increase the relevancy of that image in your content because there will be people who browse with text only features, where they can find these alternative descriptions of your images. It helps the search engine to increase your site visibility.

Improve your page loading speed

Who will wait for you? Users will tend to leave a page if it doesn’t load fast.  The maximum time a customer can wait for you is 2 seconds. If you go more than that you will be losing a sale. Customer will bounce back. Increase in the bounce rate will push you down in SERP. So increase your page loading speed. It can be done in many ways, install relevant plug-ins with clear codes for redirecting. But do n’t  use too many. Optimize the image size and redirect videos with links to video channels.

Get the link juice to your site

Links help in site ranking, but it has to be from a high authority site with good site rank. So, improve your content with more matters that will persuade other sites to share links with you. This will give trust and confidence to the customer to believe in you and stay back with you for more. Make a call to action buttons and link texts with keyword specific phrases than simple verbs. It should make the customer click for more information. But make sure you don’t add too many outbound links which will distract the customer and move them away from you.

Use attractive Metadata

Metadata is the face of your site. It should bring in clicks, so it has to be catchy. While designing the website you can provide the metadata in the header space. It includes a title, description, and keywords. Keep up with the character limits for proper display in the results page. The description should act as a window to your site. If the search engine finds the metadata relevant to the content it helps in ranking.

Avoid page errors

No one will be happy to see an error page after spending time on your page. So, avoid broken links, it gives a bad impression and search engine consider your site not relevant with outdated SEO. There are tools to help you find that broken links.

Use customer-friendly layout and make the content readable

The search engine gives rank to easily readable content. People are all not the same. So use the language in such a way that your audience understands irrespective of their degrees. At the same time, a website with user-friendly layout will not distract or irritate the customer. For that use readable font and font size. Use colors for attention. Make the paragraphs short with points. Give header texts and subheadings because header with keywords will help in SEO ranking.

Increase social media sharing

Mention your site on social media to get more attention. Installing social media buttons on your website will increase the ranking in SERP and get an account in all prominent social media platforms. Here users will be able to share your site content easily and it will have a wider audience, which will increase the conversion rate of the site.


To organically increase your site rank in SERP, don’t just sit on your basic SEO practice until it gets hatched. Use tactics to win the position ranking race, because your competitors are not sitting idle. So make use of these tips to raise your rank.

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